Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Systems, Tons of Work, Greatness

It's been a long, extremely busy week here at eBaum.TV. I've been prodding Cody to write this post, but I think he's exhausted; I don't blame him.

In preparation for some huge changes around the corner, Cody and I took a trip to our host to setup all new systems for eBaum.TV. We left Monday morning at around 7:00am, expecting to arrive around 1pm. What a mess it was getting there. We got stuck in traffic at an absolute halt for two hours, because of a huge accident a few miles up I-80. There were about 4 semi-trailers involved. Seeing the aftermath of it was pretty nuts. Cody snapped a photo of one of the trucks with his phone. The others were in similar or worse shape.

After we passed the trucks we made pretty good time the rest of the way to the data center. Once we got there, our good friends had already taken care of a bunch of the stuff for us. All we really did was rack a few servers, install them, and move the current iteration of eBaum.TV and the forum to the new systems. Things went smoothly with the exception of a $2700 mistake I made in ordering the systems, heh. Because of that mistake, we've now got two more servers being over-nighted to the data center from Dell.

In total, we've got five servers running right now, with the other two en route. We forgot to take some pictures of the systems (I'm not even sure we were allowed, you need to get past some security guards, a biometric scan, and some coded doors to even access our servers,) but our friends hooked us up with this picture of our rack so far, for your viewing pleasure.

We're running Ubuntu Server edition with various services. It's been working out great for us so far. The servers shown in the pictures are pretty beastly, dual quad core Xeons. Hopefully these will make your time on our sites much more enjoyable! From our perspective, we noticed a substantial increase in site performance as soon as we switched over to these new servers.

Cody and I stayed at a Hilton hotel, but we didn't really have time to enjoy it. We ate Chinese food at the data center with our buddies, got back to the hotel late, and drove back to Rochester at 8:00am the next morning. The trip back went much more quickly, and the minute we got back we started working on something that you'll be enjoying very, very soon. I think eBaum has already hinted at it.

We've literally been doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and developing. We're excited to let ZVUE know exactly what we think of them by bringing up three iterations of eBaum.TV within a week of them firing us. I sincerely doubt that the four "developers" they have working on eBaum's World now (who seemingly are also the people doing every other site function) are nearly as capable as our team for eBaum.TV. To give you some idea of what I'm referring to, their now lead developer used to be their office secretary, and was the one who gave some of us our exit interviews. It is my personal feeling that the Hobbit/secretary, as he's now known, just told the ZVUE CEO that our jobs were easy, and that he himself could do it without us. The irony... So, when I say that we're about to deliver a great new system, I mean it.



  1. Have you seen ebaumsworld lately? People are spamming the shit out of it. It's so awesome.

  2. Way to go running Ubuntu.I appreciate all the countless hours of hard work that you and the rest of the staff are putting forth to make even better than EBW. Please keep in mind that when working hard like you all are, that it's very important to take a break every now and and reward yourselves.(Maybe some pizza and some fruity beer are in order)*Swift chuckles @ Eric*
    I cant wait to get back on digg to push more blogs.Im sure i speak for the majority when i say EBAUM.TV ROCKS....fshtkr1 aka Swifttallon

  3. I'm so proud of you all! Keep up the great work! I can't wait!!!!!

  4. I'm still not understanding why you're so mad at ZVUE... You sold the site to them, and it's VERY common practice for the company that bought you out to come and let you go. You strike me as a smart guy, so i'm kinda baffled as to why you were so surprised about the switch over. Either way; it makes a great story for the mindless school of fish that took your bait hook-line-and-sinker! LOL CONGRATS on the new servers... They're uber sweet.